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Bluehost Website Builder Review 2024 – Build a Site in Minutes

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Bluehost Website Builder is an easy-to-use tool that allows anyone with no coding experience to build a website in less than 10 minutes.

We know how frustrating it is to create something with complicated codes. With Bluehost website builder, you can make your website without knowing all the codes yourself.

A beautiful website is the first thing that will make your customers stay. Save time and money by using our service!

Would you like to create your website easy? Here is the solution?

Bluehost website builder is the perfect fit for people who want their site up and running without going through a lot of hassle or waiting for hours/days for it to be ready.

It’s quick and simple, which allows you to get your site up and running with minimal effort.

With this tool, you can easily build a site from scratch using drag-and-drop features or from one of their pre-built templates.

You don’t need any coding or technical skills and they offer a special discount to first time customers.

bluehost website builder
Best Values
Get 65% off for first time user
  • Drag-and-Drop WordPress Builder
  • 300+ Design Templates
  • Total WordPress Design Freedom
  • Free Domain & SSL
  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Recommended by WordPress

  • Annoying advertising of other plans

What is a Website Builder?

You have a lot of options these days, but sometimes you just don’t have the time or technical knowledge to create a site.

The drag and drop builder helps simplify matters for even inexperienced users. It offers a wide variety of themes & templates so all you need to do is add your content!

How Does Bluehost Website Builder Work?

BlueHost’s Website Builder for WordPress is easy to use and provides the necessary tools to create a professional-looking website in minutes.

It allows users to simply drag and drop elements on the webpage, add text, change colors, and it even builds shopping carts for online stores.

This is a good way for small business owners and content creators to get a site up easily.

They don’t need to pay someone else to do the work when they can do it themselves.

Bluehost Website Builder Review
Bluehost drag an drop Builder
Pro Tip: With Bluehost WordPress builders, you can create as many websites as you need and make them as personal or professional as you want.

Pricing & Plans

PlansDeal PriceRegular PriceDiscountDeal Link
Basic$2.95/mo*Normally $10.99
12/mo term
75% offGet Here
PRO$9.95/mo*Normally $14.99
12/mo term
33% off Get Here
ONLINE STORE$9.95/mo*Normally $39.95
12/mo term
50% off Get Here

What Benefits Does the New Bluehost WordPress Builder Offer?

It is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to start their own online business and not have to worry about the technicalities involved in building a website from scratch.

Here is the list of Bluehost website builder features,


300+ Design Templates

You will get everything you need to create an attractive and professional-looking website in minutes! It comes with drag-and-drop features and plenty of templates for different industries.

Free Domain for 1st Year

You will get free domain for the first year with their service. It is a good deal if you want to make your website or blog visible to people who might be interested in what you have been doing.

  • Stock images
  • Bluehost offers WordPress builder that is free of charge. You can create your own site with 100+ stock images, all for the cost of nothing

  • Integrated blog into the builder
  • The website builder’s blog tool allows you to create a blog without the need to know any coding.

  • Storefront with WooCommerce
  • If you want to create online store, you can create it with a one-click using drag and drop WordPress builder.

  • Image Library with Unlimited Uploads
  • All in all, the company not only offers a competitively low price point but also gives its users the opportunity to upload as many images, videos, or even music they want without any restrictions.

    bluehost website builder stock images

  • Unlimited Online Store Products
  • Boosting sales is one of the main reasons why many new e-commerce stores use site builders like Bluehost to build their websites. When people know that your store has a lot of products, they are more likely to purchase from it because they feel confident about their purchase decision.

  • Cost-effective
  • The Bluehost WordPress Builder is a great tool for cost-effective website creation. It provides all features that you would need to get started with your site.

  • Live Editing
  • Bluehost’s live editor gives users more flexibility and efficiency at the same time, as they can make changes to their website’s structure and content without sacrificing the quality of work.
    Bluehost WordPress Builder TUTORIAL
    Time Needed: 10 Minutes

    Follow the below step by step guide how you can launch your web site in 10 minute using Bluehost WordPress builder.
    Visit Bluehsot
    Visit Bluehost using special link to get it at reduced price $2.95 instead of $7.99 per month.
    Claim free domain
    Claim your free domain with your web hosting purchase or choose an existing one if you want to connect your hosting account with your existing domain.

    However, you can claim your free domain within 30 days of your purchase.

    claim free domain with bluehost
    Select web hosting plan
    Choose a suitable plan basic, pro, or online store. all plans offers free website builder.

    bluehost website builder packages
    Create account
    Fill in your details and create an account.

    bluehost free hosting account setup
    Provide payment information
    Choose your payment option and proceed to purchase. Once processed, you will be gifted with website builder hosting.

    bluehost payment options
    Login to Bluehost dashboard
    After purchasing a Bluehost account, you will be able to log in to their dashboard and select between two different types of platforms: WordPress or Website Builder.

    We recommend the website builder because it’s faster and hassle-free.

    choost bluehost website builder to create a site in 10 minute
    Once the site builder opens, you can do what you want. You can choose different layouts, add more pages, change fonts, colors, and many more.

    how bluehost website builder works

    The below screenshot shows a section on the Bluehost website builder. It shows how easy it is to edit and customize a site from start to finish.

    how to build website in 10 minute using bluehost website builder
    Preview your site before going live by opening the tab that appears at the top right of your homepage.

    BlueHost Website Builder

    $2.95 $10.99
    Create your own website with Bluehost website builder now

    Bluehost Support

    Bluehost is one of the top hosts on the market which offers 24×7 Builder support. They have an in-house team of experts who are available for free phone, email, and live chat.

    Bluehost Refund Policies

    You are eligible for a refund on all hosting services within 30 days. Domain registration fees cannot be refunded during initial purchases or renewals. If you cancel within the first 3 days, you will be able to receive a refund for the hosting service minus $15 for the domain, if applicable.

    Conclusion: Start Building Your Dream Website Today with the BlueHost Web Builder

    Bluehost drag and the drop website builder is a website-building tool that lets you create your own website from scratch. With this platform, you can build any type of website without hiring a designer or going through the difficult process of learning how to code.


    Is Bluehost good for WordPress?

    Bluehost offers an optimized WordPress hosting solution, which helps you get up and running quickly on a secure and reliable platform backed by 24/7 customer support.

    Bluehost website builder vs Elementor?

    A website builder is a perfect choice for you if you are looking for an easy-to-use, affordable, and powerful website builder.
    Bluehost has an excellent web builder called the Bluehost site builder. It is easy to use, offers both drag-and-drop features as well as WordPress integration, and comes with a one-click installer.
    Elementor provides a site-building experience that is more aligned with what WordPress users are used to, but it comes with a price tag attached.
    I am going to go ahead and recommend Bluehost website builder because it is easier for beginners who want to build their own website without having too many technical skills or knowledge of coding languages.

    How to switch from bluehost website builder to wordpress

    Bluehost has a popular website builder that provides all the essential features for building a website. you can switch from site builder to WordPress in just one click.

    Is bluehost website builder good?

    The Bluehost website builder is a simple and quick way to build a website. It uses the WordPress platform which is a popular choice for building websites. The WordPress platform has plenty of plugins to choose from and it’s easy to customize your website. There are some drawbacks to using the Bluehost website builder though. The biggest drawback is that you have limited control over the design of your site, as you can’t use any other company’s template or design it yourself with the Bluehost website builder.

    Bluehost website builder vs WordPress?

    If you are looking for a tool that will allow you to publish content on your site, WordPress is the right choice. This publishing platform is free and open source. With WordPress, you can create your own blog or website quickly and easily. You can also customize many different features of your site to make it look unique and appealing to potential visitors.
    If you are looking for building a site from scratch, then Bluehost website builder might be more appropriate for what you need. It provides everything that is needed in building a professional-looking website with no coding required!
    Disclaimer : When you purchase using the link on this site, we may earn an commission at no cost to you
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